TribLive: Dock swings allow people to enjoy access to the River

Nearly 1,000 pounds of steel comprises the newest section of the public fishing dock at Aspinwall Riverfront Park.

Installed August 29, the mesh cage was uniquely designed to accommodate swings overlooking the Allegheny River.

“Since the beginning, it’s been our goal to create a park that’s a community treasure and catalyst for trail expansion to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of where they live in the region,” said Susan Crookston, park executive director.

In doing that, Crookston and her team tried to create design that are functional, fun and maybe even quirky.

The most recent project supports that – the mesh section at the foot of a handicapped accessible gangway houses hanging chairs to allow visitors to look into the water.

“We hope that this final piece of the dock design sweeps people off their feet literally and figuratively,” she said.

Crookston said she’s grateful to donors for ongoing support that enables her team to “dream big and get things done”.

The project was designed and implemented by Pittsburgh based Environmental Planning and Design along with Marion Hill Divers of New Brighteon.

Cost was not released.

Work was paid for through donation from the estate of William Cadwallader,  a park and fishing enthusiast, and with grants from the Hillman Family Foundations.

“Bill’s Fishing Dock” opened July 3 at the 10-acre park at 285 River Avenue, just off Freeport Road.

Crookston said the mission of the dock aligns with that of the park – to give people a place to enjoy and experience access to the River.

“It should be part of every Pittsburghers DNA,” Crookston said.

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