Choosing our future

Only a few short years ago, views like this were not available for everyone to enjoy. What is now our Park was private property.

This all changed when more than 3,000  people of all ages and walks of life, our City’s incredible foundation community, and the wonderful Burke Family, and many others stepped in and made the dream of a riverfront park a reality.

To all of you who have donated, and volunteered and sacrificed, and especially to our wonderful Board of Directors: THANK YOU for bringing so much peace and beauty into people’s lives — for this generation and many more to come. You’ve done something lasting and wonderful and generous. Quite simply, you’ve improved our environment and the quality of life for all of us.

Our dreams are big and our River has so much potential. And our obligations and opportunities to make life better for the generations that come after us await.

Looking forward to all we can accomplish together in 2019 and beyond.  — Susan Crookston