The River Rocks: Grit & Glamour

Take your passion, and make it happen at Aspinwall Riverfront Park (ARP)!

Emerging from the Fort Pitt Tunnels to be greeted by our city’s gleaming skyline, iconic rivers and stately bridges never gets old. In an instant, the view captures the essence of Pittsburgh – its grit and glamour.  We feel the same about Aspinwall Riverfront Park (ARP), where natural beauty, innovative design, and industrial architecture all come together in this regional gem perched on the shores of the Allegheny River.

May 22, join us in celebrating what makes our City, its riverfronts, and the Park distinctively Pittsburgh at The River Rocks 2020: Grit & Glamour.

Be part of transforming our Riverfront for the next generation.

Though Pittsburgh is no longer the sepia-toned Rust Belt relic of yore, its rugged history remains present even among the burgeoning mix of technology, culture, arts and innovation.  Our Riverfronts, like our City, have been defined by the mighty industries that forged us.   

What our Riverfront becomes next is up to us. Be part of it and join us!


The River Rocks: Grit & Glamour Co-Chairs

Maria Cruz        Gisele Fetterman       Lorraine Marks     Betsy Monroe