Securing the Park’s future

Before even a single blade of grass mowed or bathroom cleaned, our Park costs well over $50,000 each year to operate- just in terms of insurance, taxes, and utilities.  ARP is an independent non-profit corporation and receives no funding or maintenance support from any government source or Aspinwall Borough.

Thanks to the wisdom of our founding board members and the Colcom Foundation, the Park began planning for its long-term maintenance from the very beginning.  Our strategy has 3 elements:

  1. The Endowment.  We currently have exceeded 70% of the $2 million goal for the Park’s maintenance endowment.  After that goal is reached, we will begin annual withdrawals to repair and maintain the many infrastructure improvements created in the Park since 2011.  The Burke family has been the main supporter of this fund, donating over $1 million to sustain attractive, clean, and well-kept spaces.
  2. Rental income generated from marina and facility rentals.  Like other nonprofits with facilities to rent (e.g. Phipps Conservatory), the Welcome Center can be rented outside of normal Park hours so that it does not interfere with our core mission of serving the public through programming related to our values and mission.  To rent a slip a our marina, contact us at or call 412.782.2340.  To host an event at the Park, contact
  3. Our annual appeal and River Rocks benefit.  These provide critical funds needed for the Park to operate.

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If you would like to learn more or donate specifically to ensure the Park’s long-term sustainability, please email