How to Donate

Aspinwall Riverfront Park has been called “one of the top 5 parks to see in the region” by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of thousands of people from all over the Region, this special place was created in just a few years.  Unlike other parks, Aspinwall Riverfront Park is a private nonprofit.  We are not affiliated with a government entity. Our Park receives no funding or maintenance support from the Borough of Aspinwall.

We still have lots to do – and your support is critical.   Our current focus is purchasing the docks that will expand the public’s options on the River and enable Fox Chapel High School Crew to move to the Park.  We’re also working hard to create more green space and expand the trail downstream towards the City of Pittsburgh.  At the center of our Park, and surrounding our new Welcome Center, is an acre of crumbling concrete.  We would like to convert this parking lot into a beautiful green lawn connecting both sides of the Park.  While we’ve made significant progress, to be completed this project is estimated to cost over $250,000.

Aspinwall Riverfront Park has established a maintenance fund, and roughly $1.7 million has already been generously donated. Our goal is to build this fund to $2 million as a maintenance reserve to help ensure the Park will be as beautiful as the day it opens, for many years. After the $2 million goal is met, annual withdrawals will be used for park upkeep. If you are considering a large donation and would like additional information, please contact us.

There are many ways to donate:

  1. Online:
  2. By Mail: To mail your donation, please complete this form, print and mail it (with your check payable to “Aspinwall Riverfront Park, Inc.”) to:
    Aspinwall Riverfront Park
    285 River Ave.
    Aspinwall, PA 15215
  3. Transfer of securities: Contact us for instructions
  4. By Phone: Contact Carolyn Sauer at 412781.2340.